Flash Consulting with Magda Pecsenye press release

Magda straightShe will solve your problem for $250, in around 24 hours.

A ‘Flash-Consulting’ micro-consultant that figures out process problems and unsticks bottlenecks and blocks

Flash Consulting with Magda Pecsenye is a micro-consulting business that figures out process problems and unsticks bottlenecks and blocks. Pecsenye works with business and personal problems, and her clients include small business owners, parents, lawyers, professors, executives, and medical personnel. The “flash consulting” micro-consulting model of solving one discrete problem in a short turnaround allows clients turn over their problem to Pecsenye when they’re at an impasse or can’t look at it objectively anymore.

“My clients have all been people who are healthy–healthy businesses, healthy relationships–but they have this one problem that’s either so foreign to what they usually do that they can’t figure out how to approach it, or it’s so embedded in what they usually do that they can’t get perspective on how to neutralize it. They hand it to me and I can see it in context and find a solution they were too close to see,” says Pecsenye.

The process is simple and designed to fit into the client’s life easily: A client emails Pecsenye a description of the problem, she accepts the problem and asks follow-up questions, the client answers those questions, and then Pecsenye sets to work on a solution. In around 24 hours she sends the client the solution, they clarify the solution, and the client pays Pecsenye.

The types of problems submitted have been:

  • fixing cash flow problems
  • generating more website traffic through social media
  • expanding a client’s reach by making associations with allied business owners
  • re-allocating parenting duties when work schedules change
  • deciding how best to sequence workflow with having another baby
  • choosing a new career direction after a health crisis

Pecsenye says that the questions she’s received so far have been 40% business, 20% personal, and 40% a mix of work and life issues.

How does Pecsenye solve sometimes-complex or emotional problems so quickly? “When I start on the problem, I look not only at the physical and logistical constraints, but on the values and emotions involved. I’ve had people tell me they didn’t want the solution to be x, and once I know that, finding a solution that’s y is really easy. When I’m finding a solution for someone I privilege creating as much value (for all parties) as possible, I privilege grace, and I privilege simplicity and sustainability. It’s not a real solution unless you feel good about implementing it.”

Pecsenye posts client reviews at her website FlashCons.com and is thrilled at how delighted her clients have been at the solutions she gives them. “I adore this,” she says. “Being able to make a clear path for people is the most fun ever.”


About Magda Pecsenye

Magda Pecsenye is a strategy and brand consultant for small business. Since 2005, she has been the blogger behind Ask Moxie. She has been featured on Good Morning America, HLN, The Atlantic, Huffington Post, the New York Times, Globe and Mail, and Minnesota Public Radio. She holds a Bachelor’s in Comparative Literature cum laude from Bryn Mawr College (1994) and an MBA from the University of Michigan (2013).