The Flash Cons I don’t take

I referred someone out this morning.

She PMd me on Facebook and told me she needed a FlashCon, and when she told me what it was I told her I couldn’t do it. Which was a slight exaggeration: In theory I could have done it, but I really don’t feel comfortable with that area and I wouldn’t have been comfortable presenting my solution to her problem as the best one, because I just don’t know enough about it to be confident in what I’d come up with.┬áPlus, I know someone who’s amazing at what the client was looking for, so I referred the client to her.

I was thinking about it later on, that there have been four cases since I started this that I’ve referred out to someone I know is better at whatever it was than I am. And one case I didn’t take because I had a bad feeling that it was unsolvable in the creepy way, not unsolvable in the #challengeaccepted kind of way. (Note: I have done two cases that I’d classify as “creepy,” but they were asking me to find a way for the client to act honorably and responsibly in the middle of the creepy situation, so I accepted them and found a clear, good path for each of those clients.)

Everything else has been a matter of listening to the case, telling them what I could offer in the situation, and then letting them decide if that’s the kind of solution they’re looking for, or not.

So what kind of cases have I had lately? Categorization (how to rearrange and think of things), messaging (how to explain the through line of a situation to the people who’ll be affected by it), motivation (you want to do it but can’t seem to make yourself do it), and fatigue (end of the school year is killing people).


Want to talk about a FlashCon with me? The details of how it works are at and you can email me at magda @ flashcons dot com.

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