Testimonial: CareCartons.com

Here’s a testimonial I got from Gina Willner-Pardo, author of a dozen YA and children’s books, about her new project CareCartons.com:

“I know Magda Pecsenye by virtue of the fact that we went to the same college. (Of course, I went 13 years before she did, but that is neither here nor there.) When I learned that Magda was doing flash consulting, I knew I had to ask for her help.

As a traditionally published children’s book writer for many years, I haven’t had much experience with business per se. (And yeah, I know writing is a business, but whatever.) But a personal situation has required that I make some extra money, and I had an idea for an e-commerce site that I thought might prove profitable. I was able to launch the site myself but was stumped as to how to market it on a strict budget.

Magda understood immediately what I was trying to do. Within 24 hours, she had given me a roadmap, a way to begin to think about marketing and advertising in the digital age. She provided specifics, described in language that someone less comfortable with technology could readily understand.

She was encouraging, down-to-earth, and professional. She made me feel that the idea I’ve been toying with for months may, in fact, be a good one.

Highly recommended.”

I was so happy to hear that the experience was so good for her, because I was thrilled to work with her. I LOVE product/service/website ideas that are based on what the creator was looking for but couldn’t find anywhere else. (Be the change, etc.) Gina told me that when she’d tried to send care packages through the internet to her two adult children, the sites she found only offered pre-selected packages, and most of the things in the packages were candy. She wanted to be able to pick what she sent her kids, and have it be interesting stuff, not just cheap sugar her kids didn’t care about. (Candy’s not that exciting when you’re an adult and can buy it yourself whenever you want it. Except for Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups, which are always exciting.)

So she created CareCartons.com. A huge selection of interesting things to choose from (with new stuff added as it comes in and seasonally), all shipped for a flat fee of $5. It’s easy to market really good ideas that people need, so I just put together a plan for Gina to find those people and let them know it exists.

Find your own solution with me. The how-to and details are at FlashCons.com.

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