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1401373721615-690449374Here’s a new testimonial that came in this morning from Amy Rowland, CEO of We worked together several weeks ago when she was stuck on marketing her products online and how to increase traffic to her site:

“While I don’t know Magda well, I knew that she would be honest. She wasn’t going to sugarcoat anything, so I was eager to hear her opinions on my small business and how to market my products. She gave me an action plan with several components, but more important than that, she articulated differences between my two product lines which would have an effect on marketing. I had certainly thought of the differences before, but didn’t really contemplate how this would impact marketing efforts. I would definitely work with Magda again and will recommend her to others!”

Ha! Yes, I am honest. And I thought her two product lines (children’s products like plates and aprons and placemats) we both really interesting and delightful (and that I would buy for my own kids if they were still little*), but that they were teaching different things and in two different styles. That plus a couple other things about their old website made me think their marketing was a little muddled so people weren’t easily findingĀ these jewels.

So I suggested marketing the two different product lines separately. Making use of any common target markets, but separating out the messages we wanted to send with each one. Then we did the classic marketing thing: who wants to buy these, where are those people, and how do we show them how fantastic the products are enough times to get them to buy. And came up with a plan for each of these questions for each product line to generate traffic to their site.

Amy just sent me the testimonial and the link to their newly designed website. You should stop over and look at how cute these are, both the ones that teach table manners and the ones that teach nutrition.

* I would actually buy a full set of the Nutrition plates if they were adult-sized and ceramic.


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