I will solve your problem for $250, in around 24 hours.

Send me your problem--work, business, personal, parenting, communication-related. Even if you aren’t sure how to formulate the actual question, and even if you’re sure I can’t solve it. If it’s keeping you awake at night, or if you just feel stuck, send it to me. I’ll ask some follow-up questions, and then within the next day I’ll send you a solution.

Whatever you're stuck on, I'll tell you why it's happening and a few options to unravel or get past it. I won't make a decision for you, but I'll figure out what decision you really want to make and will help you evaluate that.

It's simple and easy. I give you a workable solution. You pay me. (If I know I can’t figure it out, I won’t accept the challenge.) $250 is my normal hourly rate for consulting with companies, but I’ll give you the entire plan for that. The rest of the work is up to you.

Note: I can’t solve anything car-related or tech-related. Nothing I say is legal advice and I’m not a doctor of any sort. I am not a therapist. But anything process-related is totally up my alley.

"What, you're like Olivia Pope?"

If people came to me before they made a decision they’d never have to hire Olivia Pope.

I’m preventative, to help you figure out how to structure decision-making and help you find a way to do what you really want to do.

How do I do it? Pattern recognition and a strong sense of intuition, combined with synesthesia and a lot of reading on a lot of different topics. My MBA helps, as do the skills I have from being a mother, along with my knowledge of narrative structure and myth.

I take something you’ve gone around and around about and I look at it from a bunch of different angles, remove all assumptions and preconceptions, and then figure out how to get to the heart of what you need in a way that makes sense for you.

I like the tricky questions that you can’t quite categorize or that feel too nebulous to be turned into a process. I like the really straightforward “switch this to that and turn it 45 degrees” questions. I like questions people think I won’t know anything about. I like them all.

It’s maximum value for both of us, because you don’t have to put me on retainer, and I get to do what I do best--strategy. I love that I’m a sort-of stranger you can trust with your thing, and I give you a new perspective and a workable plan, and you pay me, and we’re both happy. I love that we get it done right, right now.

Who works with me?

Read case studies and testimonials here.

I've had clients in the United States, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Singapore, and the UK. People who work with me are business owners, medical personnel, academics, lawyers, and other careers; parents and people without kids; single people and partnered people. They come to me for help with a discrete business problem or personal situation, for help finding a path in their personal life, or to adjust their focus so they can balance work and home.

They have things in balance, but have one thing they're stuck on, so they need a one-time consultation to unstick it.

What they say about working with me

•  "End result: that may have been the best $250 I have ever spent on my business." -- A client who owns a small business who needed help determining actual value before she went into a big negotiation with a partner.

•  "Wow. You are really really good at this. It's really interesting to hear your take. I think it's spot on." -- A client who asked me to make a 3-year plan for her to get out of her current job into something she'd enjoy more, when she didn't know what that was.

•  "This makes me so happy I want to cry. Thank you. It is a huge relief not to have had to wade through all of that on my own, and to have a good set of thoughts about priorities." -- A client who asked me for help prioritizing action steps for one emotional process inside a larger totally logistical process.

•  "So I read and reread your consultation and I would like to first say I love how thorough and in depth your analysis is. You actually managed to change my perspective on her side of the coin, definitely allowing me to lighten the burden I've been holding on to for so long...Your analysis was the most neutral and unbiased advice I have received to date. Thank you again for everything. Seriously, I feel so much lighter today than yesterday." -- A client who asked me to help unravel a serious stalemate in his marriage.

•  "Magda! This isn't at all what I was looking for BUT I love that you read between the lines to find the questions under my questions, and answered those instead. I never would have thought up any of the suggestions you've made...Where I was asking for your help to give me some tips for doing more of the same, you, instead, have given me a direction that feels much more expansive, to achieve a greater end...Thanks for thinking about my challenges for me. It was a treat to have them on someone else's shoulders for a weekend." -- A client who asked me to help her reach a new audience with her operating philosophy and business mission.

•  “YOU ARE AMAZING! I've scanned the first page or two and already had three "aha!" moments. THANK YOU!!” -- A client who asked me to make a plan for how to restructure life and parenting in the wake of a huge career change for her partner. Three days later she sent me the plans she and her partner had worked out to restructure their lives.

•  “(This) made me spit out my root beer.” -- A client who asked me to make a plan to tap into more clients who were really excited to work with him

•  “OK, hit me with your invoice - this was great. :)” -- A client who asked me to help resolve a flow problem that was costing her company multiple six figures

•  “Magda, so I just re-read your document and I'm really just speechless with gratitude. How is it that you are THIS good? You basically nailed everything on the head. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I've been at this for months, and been feeling worse and worse with each month and now I feel better! SO MUCH BETTER!” -- A client who asked me to sort out all the pulls on her time and attention that were stressing her to the point of decreased work performance, and help her create a plan for moving ahead without all the extra noise around her

•  "PS to anyone who's got a problem, I'm not saying this just because Magda is my friend, but I highly recommend her. in 24 hours, she turned around and sent me an action plan and she really looked at my situation from all angles." -- A client who was going through a total life implosion who asked me to make a plan for her for what to do in the short term and with her career. Read her story of working with me.
UPDATE: "Having your words in print really has helped. I re-read it every morning. Releasing my problem to you allowed me to have time to breath and think about other things...Seeing things through your eyes is helping me get unstuck as you say!"

•  "I don't think I have any more questions-just a lot of work to do. :) pls let me know how I can pay you!" -- A client who asked me to create a plan for how to generate more traffic to her ecommerce website

•  "Thank you again! I think this is such a great idea for you to offer this service and it was nice to have a few days where I didn't have to think about these problems because YOU were thinking about them." -- A client who asked for help sorting out routines and priorities related to her career and toddler

How Do We Do This?

Send me your question at magda at flashcons dot com. It’s easier for me to get a grip on your question through text (it’s just how my brain’s wired) but if it’s easier for you to explain it by talking we can set up a call or Skype.

I’ll let you know I got the question and will ask you some follow-ups. You pay me $250 (either through PayPal or by doing a Square account-to-account transfer, or I can invoice your company). I’ll either give you my suggestions right then (if it's something very simple), or I’ll send them to you when I have them (if it's something more complex or requiring diagrams or research).

It’s all confidential, although I’ll use a rough sketch of your issue (worded like the ones in the testimonial section above) on this website without any identifying info, and I may consult with an outside expert if I need more facts during the problem-solving process. But I’ll never let anyone know you worked with me unless you claim it yourself.

Ready? Send me your problem. (If you don’t know where to start, start with the part that hurts, then circle back to tell the story from the beginning.)

Send Me Your Problem

Send me your problem (or what you can describe of your problem) at magda at flashcons dot com and I'll let you know I got it, and ask you some follow-up questions. If it's out of my range of skills I'll let you know right away, but I bet I can solve it.

Interested in offering Flash Consulting at a discounted rate to your employees as a benefit to ride along your EAP? We can do that. Email me.

Too swamped to get on top of your department's consistent problems, and wish there was a way to outsource figuring out what your employees are struggling with and how to untangle it all? There is. We can do that. Email me.

Magda Pecsenye has an MBA from the University of Michigan and an A.B. in Comparative Literature from Bryn Mawr College. She does strategy and brand consulting for small businesses, and has worked in educational technology and curriculum development, client relationships, training, and sales. She reads a lot of Borges, Murakami, Wharton, and Hurston. She's a runner and a knitter, and a mother of two children.

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